Tuesday, July 13, 2010

an introduction.

I have been wanting to write a blog for a while.

I feel it's a suitable medium to blend the private activity of writing with the public arena of the internet.

I feel like it would typically take a writer a long time to reach an audience - and if you are able blog interesting material it may speed up the process.


Now that I have stated some obvious bullshit, I shall preface my first [actual] blog with some kind of statement of intention... an opportunity for me to adjust your expectations (if they exist) so that you are not misguided in what my deal is.

So. My strength is not in discovering new music, taking fascinating photos or drawing beautiful pictures ... my understanding, or knowledge, of history, politics and the environment would be well below average - which is not necessarily to say I'm not interested in these areas... I just find myself getting distracted by something else.

I'm sure I could use many words for this 'something else' (not because I have a particularly large vocabulary (( though I do visit thesaurus.com regularly for funzies )) but because I'm simply never certain/confident ((( see! ))) of/in the word(s) I decide to use.

Hmmm. I enjoy making new grammatical rules as I write... above, if you need parentheses within parentheses, just double (or triple) them up! Genius.

Anyway. For now. The word I will use for what often becomes my main interest when writing is ... BEHAVIOUR - or, more specifically, HUMAN BEHAVIOUR.

Yes. I know this is an incredibly vague title - but it will have to do for now.


Before I go. The relevance of the pencil...

I equate my writing (or, perhaps, my thoughts) to that of a sketch. I understand that initially sounds like wank... and, for that, I am mildly ashamed. but, please, read on...

l am able to lay down the basic structure of my ideas and observations, but they are never pronounced with a great degree of confidence (like, say, a permanent marker). They are always subject to change and (hopefully) growth - and they are never conclusive or definitive.

I don't really like the idea that people feel they can make absolute conclusions on the topic of human behaviour. Maybe they can get close to them - and I have no problems with contentions or theories - I just don't like the confidence of a conclusion all that much. It suggests, to me, that you may have stopped listening to the other people that wish to participate in the conversation... and, if you speak, I think it is a fair expectation that you must always be listening.

So. Yes. A sketch.

I know... I am often disgusted by our tendency to talk in metaphors as well - though I assure you, I will try to keep it to a minimum.

That'll be all for now.

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